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Premium Mango and Sheesham Wood Furniture

sheesham wood coffee table

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sheesham wood drawers

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sheesham wood study table

Study Tables Collection

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Explore the wide range of furniture made from Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood and Mango Wood.

Observe the true nature of grains of wood with our collection of furniture.




At Saaj Sajawat, we offer you the best of traditional furniture with a modern twist. Whether you are looking to upgrade your living space or need storage solutions to keep your house well-organized, Saaj Sajawat has what you need. All our pieces are designed to last for generations and be passed down from one family to the next.




Sheesham Wood Kiyan King Bed

Top Picks

sheesham wood Book shelf

The Jigyasa Bookshelf is a literary lover's dream come true - an elegant blend of form and function that provides a stylish home for your favorite books.

sheesham wood chair

The Samiha Chair is a stunning piece of furniture that combines comfort and style. Its plush cushioning and sturdy wooden frame makes it a great addition to any living room or bedroom, offering a comfortable and stylish seating solution.

sheesham wood drawers

Whether you use it as a display cabinet, storage unit, or accent piece, the Jatasya Cabinet is a functional and attractive addition to any home decor.

Introducing Saaj Sajawat

Saaj Sajawat offers solid wood furniture with timeless designs and builds quality to enhance your home ambiance for generations. We offer solid wood furniture made of Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood, and Mango Wood with a wide range of categories for home furniture like Dining Sets | Chairs | Bedside Tables | Bar Furniture | Shoe Racks | Beds | Dining Chairs | Dining Tables | Side Tables | Cabinets and Sideboards | Accessories | Chest of Drawers | Linen Trunks | Book Cases | Centre Tables | Crockery Units | Dressing Tables | Study Tables | Book Shelves | TV and Media Units | Mandirs | Space Saving | Cabinetry | Coat Hanger Stands | Corners | Magazine Stand | Cane ​ Explore the beauty of Solid Wood Varieties: -Sheesham Wood: Sheesham Wood also known as Indian Rosewood is a popular choice due to its durability and captivating grain patterns, where each Sheesham wood plank gives uniqueness to its design. Sheesham Wood brings elegance and strength to furniture pieces, while its resistance to pests ensures long-lasting quality. -Teak Wood: Teak wood is renowned for its exceptional durability and water-resistant properties, making it a choice for both outdoor and indoor furniture. Teak wood furniture gives a timeless appearance with strength and low maintenance making it an ideal choice for luxury items. -Mango Wood: Mango Wood is chosen for its unique appearance and sustainable qualities and especially for me I like the fragrance of raw mango wood. The color of the products made of Mango Wood really creates an atmosphere of plush and luxurious experiences. ​ Deciding factors to choose between the type of wood between Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood, and Mango Wood:             The decision to choose between Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood, and Mango Wood solely depends upon factors like budget, durability, and aesthetics. Sheesham Wood is the most affordable option with uniqueness in its design of wood grains, Teak Wood is best for its durability, water resistance, and timeless designs while Mango Wood gives an aesthetic appeal. Choose between the range of Categories: -Enhance Living Room: Whether you need a classic and stylish Chest of Drawers, or Cabinets to perfectly store your daily needs objects or show off your artifacts we have a perfect collection for you. A range of Centre tables or Coffee tables to enhance the drawing room aesthetically and practically is available along with a wide variety of Side Tables and Magazine Holders. -Embrace your dining area: From a collection of jodhpurs-designed Dining tables to space-saving dining tables for small rooms, we have a variety of options for 4-seater dining tables, 6-seater dining tables, and 8-seater dining tables. Chest of drawers and Cabinets to perfectly store your cutlery and show off them side by side. -For your bedroom: From a wide range of Sheesham Wood Beds, Side Tables, Dressing Tables, Coat Hangers, Benches for storage, and Wall Mirrors intricately designed with cane collection and colorful tiles collection to give your bedroom a leisurely space for a perfect rest and sleep. -Elevate your Study area: Whether you are an avid reader or a professional working from home, nothing is better than a perfect pair of Study tables and a Chair where you can spend 8-10 hours of daily routine. A space for your readings and articles placed on a bookshelf or a wall shelf in a spick and span manner. Shopping with Saaj Sajawat: With no more self-boosting speech, we simply provide Solid Wood Furniture crafted carefully to your niche giving your home a practical and aesthetically appealing solution in every aspect. Our motto is to provide you with home furniture in the best possible budget-friendly manner. With this, our user-friendly website simplifies the process of ordering furniture for your home. We understand the significance of timely delivering your order to your doorstep. We also periodically offer sales that allow you to enhance your home with premium furniture without putting extra strain on your budget. ​ FAQ’s Q: Why choose Solid Wood Furniture? A: Solid wood furniture embodies durability, unique grain patterns, and a timeless charm that synthetic materials cannot replicate. ​ Q: How Should I Care for My Solid Wood Furniture? A: Regular dusting and occasional polishing with appropriate wood polish will maintain the allure of your furniture for years to come. ​ Q: Is Delivery Insured? A: Yes, we ensure your furniture is insured during the delivery process, ensuring your peace of mind. ​ Q: Can I return or exchange the Furniture? A: Surely, if you got the piece of furniture in any form of defective or deformity of a different article, you can ask for a return or exchange with a hassle-free process. Just call us or leave us a massage. ​ Q: Ways to identify the authentic Sheesham Wood Furniture? A: That’s an easy process, just look for the unique grain patterns (The grain of Sheesham wood is irregular, with variations in color and texture that make each piece of furniture unique), check the weight (usually Sheesham wood furniture is a little bit on the heavy side) and look for the imperfections in wood planks (Sheesham wood is a natural material and will have imperfections like knots and small cracks). ​ Q: Is Sheesham Wood Furniture durable and long-lasting? A: Yes, Sheesham Wood Furniture can withstand the long duration of daily use making it highly durable. It is resistant to pests and decay helps it in long lasting duration. ​ Q: Does Sheesham Wood Furniture require maintenance? A: Sheesham Wood Furniture doesn’t require daily maintenance. Just a periodic cleaning and applying suitable wood polish helps it to maintain its luster over the period. Q: Tell me the natural color of Sheesham Wood. A: Sheesham wood has a natural warm brown color, which can vary slightly depending on the specific wood piece and its grain patterns. ​ Q: Whether Sheesham wood is environmentally friendly or not? A: Sustainable sourcing practices are important for any wood, including Sheesham. Ensuring that the wood is harvested responsibly can make it an environmentally friendly choice. ​ Q: Can we use Sheesham wood furniture both indoors and outdoors? A: While Sheesham wood is suitable for indoor use, its resistance to weathering is not as high as Teak wood, making it less ideal for outdoor furniture that is exposed to the elements. ​ Q: Does teak wood furniture require regular maintenance or not? A: Teak wood furniture requires minimal maintenance. ​ Q: Does teak wood age with time? A: Teak wood furniture starts aging with a golden-brown color that matures over time into an elegant silver-gray patina due to exposure to the elements. This aging process is considered the best part of the wood's charm. ​ Q: Whether we can use Teak wood furniture indoors as well? A: Yes, we can use Teak wood furniture for both indoors and outdoors. ​ Q: Is Teak Wood expensive compared to other hardwoods? A: Yes, as Teak Wood is a premium wood it is often considered a little bit expensive in comparison to other hardwoods like Sheesham due to its exceptional qualities and high demand. ​ Q: Is teak wood furniture resistant to pests and insects? A: Due to Teak Wood’s natural oil content it acts as a repellent against pests, termites, and insects. ​ Q: Can we leave Teak wood furniture outdoors year-round? A: Teak wood furniture is well-suited for outdoor use, but if you want to maintain its original color, it's recommended to cover it during prolonged periods of rain or extreme weather. ​ Q: Can we consider Mango Wood a durable option for furniture? A: Yes, Mango wood offers decent durability for indoor furniture, but avoid using it in outdoor furniture. ​ Q: Are grain patterns found on Mango Wood? A: Sure, Mango wood displays a variety of grain patterns, including straight, interlocked, and wavy. ​ Q: What difference between the appearance of Mango wood in comparison to other hardwoods: A: Mango wood appearance ranges from light to medium brown showing a variety of grain patterns. Q: Whether Mango wood is recommended for outdoor furniture? A: No, Mango wood is restricted to use in outdoor furniture as Teak wood, due to being less resistant to water and weathering conditions.

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